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Seeding Rate Calculator

Use Seedingrate.ca to determine how much wheat seed you need for the fall, check calibration when planting, and follow up after planting to see how you performed. Accurate seeding rates can help you deliver more with your wheat crop.

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Acres are used to determine how much seed you need at planting time.
Use the most accurate measure of the field you intend to plant.

Seed Size

The only way to hit an accurate seeding rate is to know the size of the seed you are planting. Seed size is affected by weather, growing area, variety and more. Every seed lot will be different. Be sure to use your lot specific seed size at the time of planting.

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How To Find Seed Size
Large Seed Medium Seed Small Seed Very Small

Target Seeding Rate

There are several things to consider for determining the best seeding rate for your farm. Our typical suggestion for most soils in Ontario is 1.6 Million Seeds per acre when planting at a "normal time" for your area. This ensures enough seed to cover germination ranges, natural mortality and normal overwintering loss.

For more detailed recommendations, see our suggestions below.

Show Seeding Rate Suggestions
1.2 Million 2.2 Million

Seeder Row Width

5 in 7.5 in 30 in

Price per 50lb Unit

Enter your price per 50lb unit of seed. Get this number from your local Authorized C&M Seeds dealer.

How Much Seed do I Need?

Seeding Rate

How do I use seeding rate? ?
140 lbs/acre
32.1seeds/sq ft
19seeds/ft of row

Total Seed Needed

How do I use Total Seed? ?
56050lb units
Totes & 32 Bags
12.73Bulk (MT)

Seeding cost per acre


Total Seed Cost

$0.00Whole farm

For seed cost estimates, fill out Price per 50lb Unit.

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Fall Performance Calculator

Check back in after seeding and see what population you achieved across your farm. Fill in the details below to get your actual seeding population.

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Seed Size

Target Seeding Rate

Seeder Row Width

Seed Used


How did You Perform this Fall?

Total Seed Used

672Total Units Planted
33,600Total lbs Planted
32.1seeds/sq ft
23seeds/ft of row
120%of Target Rate
Low On Target High
90 95 100 105 110

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